Newborn Session


Your brand new addition to your family has arrived. He's tiny. She fits perfectly in your arms. You've spent the last 9 months preparing for his arrival and here he is. She's pure perfection, and the new center of your entire world. 


He's going to grow faster than we could ever imagine. Every few weeks, moving up a size. She won't fit in your arms quite the same way ever again. Let's capture that. We can save this moment, let her sweet tiny newborn size live on forever, to save the beginning and never let it end.


Your newborn session will center around your brand new baby. Family photos that will capture the new dynamic of your newly grown family. Mom's snuggles. Dad's cuddles. Brothers and sisters loving and bonding with their newest best friend. And sweet tiny poses of your brand new baby.


Sweet Rose Studio has everything needed for your newborn session. From mama-gowns and baby wraps to prop buckets, hats, headbands and fabrics.


Your newborn session will create 35 beautifully retouched photographs, available in an online gallery for downloading. You will be given permissions to print, save, download and share all 35 of your digital photographs, in both color and black and white.


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