Family Sessions


Gather your family together. Snuggle up close. Pull up your nearest family album and flip through the pages and pages of memories. Show your children where they came from, and connect them to the story that is their family history through photographs. 


It's your turn to add to the story. As your children grow, and change, from infants into adulthood, add to your family album. Insert snapshots and family portraits into the pages of your own history, for your children to hand down to their children and so on. This is our opportunity to highlight your importance in this story. 


Your family session with Sweet Rose will capture a timeless posed family portrait. Whether in studio or outdoors, you will be guided through family poses, sibling poses, couples, and each child on his or her own. We'll work together to highlight real smiles and eye contact. 


Your session will create 30 beautifully finished photographs, in an online gallery for you to download, print, and share. Sweet Rose also offers online ordering of professionally developed, archival quality prints as well after your session, so your story can be preserved in your family album. 


See current pricing and reserve your session via BOOK NOW. Scroll down past the photo for your session preparation tips! 


Session Tips


  • Look up directions to your selected location well before your session. Some locations are farther away than others, please plan accordingly. 
  • Check for any cuts, scrapes, and bruises that need to be washed/cleaned up. Use skin-colored bandages if needed. 
  • Check children's nails for dirt, chipped polish, and ragged or chewed finger nails. 
  • Check your nails for nail polish chips, dirt under nails, paint or oil stains. 
  •  Check outfits for stains, wrinkles, holes. 
  • If you don't already have outfits decided on, center your outfits around Mom. Mom's favorite dress, favorite shirt, favorite outfit. Coordinate from there. 
  • Please eat prior to your session. Have lunch before your afternoon session, or dinner before your evening session. If this isn't possible, please make sure your children have had a healthy, substantial snack! A low blood sugar kiddo is a crabby kiddo. 
  • Bring a sneaky treat, but do not tell your kiddo about the treat until it's emergency situation time! Mini marshmallows are a great one - no sticky colors.