Your Maternity Session


You're Glowing, mama. You're making something incredible. Doing something only you can do with your own body. You are changing, and this is the only time in your life where you get to connect with your sweet child on a level no one else will ever know or understand. 


Your maternity session with Sweet Rose is designed to center around you and your brand new baby. Although you are welcome to bring your family along for the photos, you and your beautiful bump will be the center focus of this session. 

Sweet Rose has upward of 20 gowns for you to come try on prior to your session, in a variety of sizes and colors. 

We can plan in-studio, outdoor, or a combination of the two for your session.

Your session will produce 20 or more beautifully retouched photographs, in an online downloadable gallery for you to keep, share, and print. 


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Session Preparation Tips


  • Purchase properly fitting undergarments prior to your session, and/or a body sleeve for under your gown. 
  • Remove or have your nails properly polished, check for chips. Hands and their placement will guide eyes in your photographs. 
  • If your children are participating, check their faces, hands, finger nails, and hair prior to your session.
  • Make sure you eat first. Not only will this help bump your belly, you'll feel a lot better through your session if your blood sugar levels are properly managed. 
  • Bring some water, and a snack, just in case. 
  • Remove any unnecessary jewelry, watches, hair ties from your wrists, and sunglasses on your way to the session to prevent skin marks, squinting eyes as you adjust to sunlight, etc. 
  • Remove any unwanted body hair prior to session: stray chin hairs, mustache hairs, eyebrows, underarms, and legs. This is all personal preference whether you remove these or not and this is simply a reminder for those who would want these hairs removed prior to their photographs. My camera is high resolution. :)