Fairbanks, Alaska Portrait Photographer - Specializing in Newborn Photography

Hi! Nice to meet you, I'm Vanessa Sanoja! I'm originally from California. I'm a sunshine and seashore girl at heart, no place I would rather be.
I have two wonderful, adorable, and amazing children. They are my miracles!! My husband and I have been together for 15 years, and our children are 5 and 3. We have lived in California, Maryland, Japan, Kentucky and Louisiana so far - traveling the world one assignment at a time ;)

My husband is in the USAF and is my biggest supporter.

How did I fall into newborn photography?

I found myself wondering what my niche was in the photography world until I finally realized it - - all of my bookmarks, all the webinars I was attending, every photography fan page I followed, every class I took was to start a career in newborn photography. Having had a love for babies since I was a little girl, I still have my one and only baby doll up in my closet. She's falling apart, but I still have her. I had trouble starting a family of my own and babies became all that much more important to me. Tugging my heart strings and really knowing they are a gift.



Lighting: Mark Wallace - "Understanding Light" workshop

Newborn Safety & Posing: workshops, 1:1 mentoring & additional courses with: Footsteps-photography, Brand New Photography, Jaci Iles Photography

Newborn, Maternity & Baby workshops, demo, and seminars with: Kelly Brown, Sue Bryce, Heidi Hope, Ana Brandt, Jenna Shouldice, Caralee Case & Jennifer Nace
Online workshops with: Kelly Brown (little pieces) Julia Kelleher (Jewel Images) Ana Brandt (belly baby love) 


Sweet Rose has photographed over 100 newborns.

I am proud to own and operate a fully licensed business here in Louisiana. And I honestly, from the bottom of my heart, cannot wait to capture those sleepy, sweet newborn moments for you, and milestones all the way up to their first birthday. My heart flutters and I get butterflies before every session. This really is my passion and I hope I can share it with you.

Clicks & hugs,